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Bespoke Felled Furniture is the brainchild of Gary Steggall, owner of FHC Arboriculture.

Gary is very passionate about his craft and the use of wood and always has been. He felt he could put to better use all the fine specimens of wood gathered from his day to day work with his highly successful tree surgery that was not fulfilling it's potential and turn it into something special to help it be appreciated and to prolong it's lifespan.

Up until this point, the wood had been cut in to chunks and sold as logs for domestic use in home fires and wood burners. Gary believed this to be a tragedy, as some of the wood was from some wonderful specimens of English and Red Oak, Cedar, Beech, Douglas Fir and even Giant and Coastal Redwood.

Milling it on site and removing it to storage to be seasoned, they were then able to create pieces of unique furniture to order. Picnic tables, pews, storytelling chairs & benches were amongst the first pieces they put together followed by shelving, spice racks and other commissions from clients wanting to make something from a tree felled on their own property.

The range of pieces has grown with every piece of furniture being handmade by Gary and his team, so please contact them with any enquiry you may have, and become an owner of one of these original, unique and possibly personal pieces all to yourself.

Bespoke Furniture in Surrey Berkshire

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