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If you've ever been upset to chop down a tree that you loved, you'll be glad to hear about Gary Steggall. Gary and Bespoke Felled Furniture take felled trees and turn them into custom wooden furniture. So now you can see your beloved tree live on as a personal, unique, and super-sustainable piece of furniture, with a history.

Bespoke Felled Furniture offer pieces of unique furniture crafted from some wonderful specimens of English and Red Oak, Cedar, Beech, Douglas Fir and even Giant and Coastal Redwood.


In a world in which wood furniture that's truly green is hard to find, Bespoke Felled Furniture continually strive to be as sustainable as possible.

You can order a piece made from wood that BFF hold in stock, having been seasoned in their workshops, or to add an even more personal touch, you could have a piece of furniture made from wood felled in your own garden by Gary's tree surgery team. FHC.

Contact Gary and his team today to discuss your piece and let them create something beautiful and sustainable for you...a story and a product with roots!

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