Swedish Lanterns

Create a talking point at your party with this Swedish Lantern.

A Swedish Lantern – also referred to as a Swedish Torch or Canadian Candle – is a highly efficient campfire for cooking. First developed by the Swedish army during the Thirty Years War, this type of campfire requires just a single log and can be made even when the ground is wet or covered in snow.

Makes a great centrepiece for any social gathering! It's made from a soft wood that's been dried for a longer burn time. Eco friendly with no chemicals just pure wood. Can be used indoors in your fireplace or wood burner and outside in your fire pit, or just on the ground.

Easy to light with a paperboard fire starter included. Once lit the clever design means the fire burns from the inside out, the log produces less smoke and ash giving a much cleaner burn. Great for cooking on! Toast marshmellows or sit a frying pan on top. Great for camping, caravanning or fishing trips. It's a really easy way of making a great fire with minimum effort.

What's great about the fire is that it's self-feeding. The log burns from the inside out and the fire can last for two to five hours depending on the size and material of the wood.

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